About Ben Reed

Ben Reed

Ben Reed has mixed cocktails all over the world, including stints in Hong Kong and South Africa. He has been featured in a wide range of publications–including Vogue, Red, and GQ–and is the author of Cool Cocktails, Shots, Martinis, Hangover Cures, and Ben Reed’s Bartender’s Guide, all from Ryland Peters & Small. He lives in London. @1Reedo

A pitcher and two glasses of blue margarita on a grey woven placemat.

Blue Margarita

Blue as the blue lagoon, this conversation-starting cocktail tastes as stunning as it looks. Blue margarita magic.

A stemmed cocktail glass on a bar filled with a smoky martini.

Smoky Martini

Sometimes smoke gets in your eyes. Sometimes smoke gets in your martini glass. We must say, we much prefer the latter.

A Sazerac cocktail garnished with a twist, sitting on a bar beside a spoon and a bottle of rye whiskey.

Sazerac Cocktail

A boozy, much-ballyhooed cocktail of absinthe, brandy, bitters, and sugar that you can mix a blissfully short stumble from your couch.