About Capri S. Cafaro

Hon. Capri S. Cafaro is a TV Host, cookbook author, culinary podcast host, and TV commentator. Previously, Capri was a state senator in her native Ohio for a decade prior to her term ending due to mandated limits. During her tenure as a lawmaker, she also served as Minority Leader for almost 4 years. She graduated with a degree in American Studies from Stanford University at age 19 and holds two master’s degrees as well. When she is not on TV or in the kitchen, Capri is in the classroom as a professor at American University as well as a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. @capriscafaro

A green bowl filled with scrambled eggs and green pieces of zucchini on a tile tabletop, with a fork.

Zucchini and Eggs

An easy-peasy breakfast (or anytime) that’s full of veg. Zucchini adds some greenery to your basic scrambled eggs.