About Carole Bloom

Carole Bloom

Carole Bloom is a pastry chef, culinary consultant, and author of multiple cookbooks, including Bite-Size Desserts. Her work has appeared in national magazines and television programs, and she has served as judge for chocolate competitions across the country. A certified yoga instructor, Bloom is also as skilled on the yoga mat as she is with a Silpat. @caramelcarole

Pieces of classic caramels on a sheet of parchment.

Classic Caramels

Quite possibly the easiest caramel recipe we’ve ever encountered. But that’s not why we make it. One taste and you’ll understand.

Two pastry cups filled with creamy caramel mousse.

Creamy Caramel Mousse

A rich, deep caramel flavor and a velvety, creamy texture. There isn’t much else you could possibly want from a mousse.