About David Frenkiel | Luise Vindahl

David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the creators of the popular vegetarian food blog Green Kitchen Stories, which was named Saveur‘s Best Special Diets Blog in 2013. They’re also the authors of Green Kitchen Travels. Vindahl is a self-proclaimed “health freak” with a passion for developing wheat-free and sugar-free recipes, and Frenkiel is the photographer and design-eye behind their work. They live in Stockholm, Sweden. @gkstories @luisegreenkitchenstories

A baking sheet filled with frozen banana, avocado, and mango, using the method of how to freeze bananas.

How To Freeze Bananas

Easy peasy. Simply peel, slice, place flat on a baking sheet, freeze, and then yank out of the deep-freeze whenever you have a smoothie-making whim.

A woman with a Vitamix filled with spinach, mango, and milk

How to Make a Perfect Smoothie

It doesn’t take an engineering degree to make a decent smoothie. Although it does take a little know-how to make one that makes you want to drink your veggies. Here’s how.

A glass jar filled with green sauce with a spoon resting inside.

Green Sauce

Dubbed “magic sauce,” this zingy green sauce lends an exaggerated oomph to just about anything. Watch how quickly it disappears and you’ll understand the magic.

Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk

We’re convinced this is the best cashew milk recipe on the planet. Includes dates for sweetness and is perfect in coffee.