About David Thompson

David Thompson

David Thompson is an Australian chef known for his accomplishments in Thai cuisine. After several years working in Bangkok, Thompson returned to Syndney to cook at Darley Street Thai in Sydney. He opened Sailors Thai in 1995 and, was asked, by a renowned hotelier, to open Nahm in The Halkin Hotel in London in 2001. Nahm was the first Thai restaurant to receive a Michelin star, and now has two locations. Thompson is the author of Thai Food and Thai Street Food. @chefdavidthompson

A bowl of congee garnished with scallions and freshly ground black pepper with some fritters on the side.

Congee ~ Jok Plaw

A simple, silken rice porridge that’s certain to soothe and salve the soul—especially those souls afflicted with a sore throat or a queasy tummy.