About Deborah Krasner

Deborah Krasner hosts culinary vacations in Italy and Vermont that have been featured in GQBon Appétit, and the Boston Globe. She’s also the author of more than half a dozen cookbooks, including her most recent title, Good Meat, and The Flavors of Olive Oil, which won a James Beard Award. She appears regularly on NPR’s The Splendid Table and contributes to Bon Appetit and Real Simple. She lives in a converted barn in rural Vermont with her husband, two cats, and a dog. @delsorah

A decorative bowl with braised chicken with saffron, cinnamon, lavender, and almonds over rice

Braised Chicken with Cinnamon

Dating back to an Andalusian cookbook from the 13th century, this recipe makes us suspect folks dined vastly better in the Middle Ages than we’d ever imagined.

Open waxed paper bag with popcorn and maple bacon bits spilling out

Popcorn with Bacon Fat, Bacon, and Maple Syrup

Wicked. Sinful. Indulgent. Those are just a few of the words being bandied about by folks who’ve succumbed to this crack-like concoction. What better to do than make some and settle in with Netflix?