About Ellen Ecker Ogden | Andrea Diehl

Ellen Ecker Ogden | Andrea Diehl

Ellen Ogden is a food writer, cookbook author, and food stylist. She’s written for The Boston Globe and Martha Stewart Living, among other publications, and has appeared on PBS Victory Garden and HGTV’s Garden Smarts. Andrea Diehl is the former food editor of The Philadelphia Daily News and has written for university presidents and a U.S. attorney. She led the Vermont Country Store’s content team from 2001-2008. The Vermont Country Store Cookbook is their first book together. @EllenEckerOgden @AndreaLDiehl

A glazed ham with mustard on a wooden cutting board.

Glazed Ham with Mustard

Going rogue this Thanksgiving? Consider this simple glazed ham has got a sweet and spicy thing going on that’s simultaneously subtle and super impressive. And let’s face it, leftovers are reason enough to make it.

A small jar of pickled watermelon rind on a mesh rack with a spoon resting on the jar lid beside the jar.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Pickled watermelon rinds. They’re a Southern classic that are sweet and tangy and oh so enticing. Tasting is believing. Here’s how to make them.