About Emily Wight

Emily Wight

A graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of British Columbia, Emily Wight is a writer, home cook, and the creator of the popular food blog Well Fed, Flat Broke. She’s also the author of a cookbook by the same name, Well Fed, Flat Broke. Bother her blog and book chronicle her forays in the kitchen as she tries to balance a career and parenthood, which includes a picky toddler and a neurotic cat. Everything in her life is sticky. @emvandee

Two and a half bacon fat peanut butter cookies on two stacked green plates with a stack of cookies in the background.

Bacon Fat Peanut Butter Cookies

Using bacon drippings in place of butter makes these can’t-stop-at-just-one cookies both frugal and indulgent at the same time. And let’s not overlook their salty, smoky, sweetly lovely taste.