About Erin Alderson

Erin Alderson

Erin Alderson is the creator of the popular vegetarian food blog Naturally Ella, which she launched on a whim in 2007. She’s also the author of The Homemade Flour Cookbook and The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen. Born and raised in Central Illinois, she now lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband, son, and fluffy rescued husky, Radar. @naturallyella

An ice cream scoop with a scoop of easy fruit sorbet resting on top of a container of sorbet.

Easy Fruit Sorbet

Couldn’t be easier. Simply freeze puréed fruit, water, and sugar and you have sorbet. Any-flavor-you-want fruit sorbet. Best part? No ice cream maker required.

A blue and white square baking dish filled with vegetable lasagna that has been cut into 9 squares with a knife resting on top.

Vegetable Lasagna

Can’t imagine making the same exact vegetable lasagna all year long? We understand. So does this versatile lasagna recipe.