About Francis Mallmann

Francis Mallman

Francis Mallmann is a celebrated Argentine chef and the owner of three restaurants: 1884 in Mendoza, Argentina’s wine country; Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires; and El Garzon in El Garzon, Uruguay. His restaurants have been named among the top 10 places to eat in the world by USA Today and The Times of London. Seven Fires is his first cookbook.

Chivito Recipe


Chivito, a sandwich popular in Latin America, is filled with meats, goat cheese, lettuce, and tomato. This chivito, like all chivito, is easily adaptable.

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Salt Crust Chicken Recipe

Salt Crust Chicken

Salt crust chicken, the classic technique of encasing a chicken in a salt crust, seals in flavor and juices so the chicken is utterly moist and delicious.

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