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Ghillie James

Ghillie James is the former food editor of the UK’s Sainsbury’s Magazine. She now writes freelance from her home in Singapore for a number of publications, including Delicious. She’s also the author of nearly half a dozen cookbooks, including her most recent title, Amazing Grains. @ghilliejameswriter

Homemade Muesli

Homemade Muesli

This lovely homemade muesli number, with nary any cardboard-like, dusty-tasting grains or too many raisins, will upend your notion of morning cereal.

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A Mason jar filled with apple-onion chutney along white crostini toped with goat cheese and more chutney

Apple-Onion Chutney

Perhaps the easiest chutney ever, this calls for simply simmering apples, onion, curry powder, tomatoes, and sugar, and then ladling it into jars. See? Easy.

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