About Itamar Srulovich | Sarit Packer

Itamar Srulovich | Sarit Packer

Itamar Srulovich was most recently head chef at the celebrated Ottolenghi in London, while Sarit Packer was both head of pastry at Ottolenghi and executive chef at Nopi. They first met ten years ago in a restaurant kitchen in Israel. They’ve since opened their first project together, Honey & Co., bringing their version of Middle Eastern food to London’s Fitzrovia neighborhood. They’re also the authors of a cookbook by the same name, Honey & Co. @ovichitamar488d @saritpacker

Nine homemade pita bread rounds stacked on a wire rack.

Homemade Pita Bread

Perhaps the best homeschooling you can bring about in the kitchen is homemade pita dough puffing in minutes. Here’s how to make that magic happen.