About Jacquelyn Dodd

Jacquelyn Dodd is the founder of the popular craft beer blog The Beeroness, where she explores cooking with the beers she loves. She also contributes to PARADE and Draft magazine and has appeared on the TODAY show and CBS News. The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook is her first book. @thebeeroness

A silver platter filled with asparagus tempura with some pieces of asparagus and a glass of beer on a wooden table.

Asparagus Tempura

Easy and shatteringly crisp and light and perfect. That’s what folks are saying about this delicate beer-battered asparagus tempura.

An overflowing bowl of beer nuts on a wooden board with a glass of beer on a napkin beside it.

Beer Nuts

Slightly sweet, subtly complex, and insanely easy homemade beer nuts. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Beer sipped on the side not optional.