About Jamie Callison | Linda Burner Augustine

Jamie Callison | Linda Burner-Augustine

Chef Callison has played an integral part in shaping WSU’s culinary scene. After working as executive chef and dining director for Lakeside School in Seattle, he was asked to come work for WSU. @callisonjamie

When Linda Burner Augustine (’83 Home Economics and Honors) was asked by WSU Executive Chef Jamie Callison in spring 2012 to help create a cookbook, she was intrigued. She was well established in the Seattle area as a chef, caterer, food consultant, entrepreneur, and most recently, a much-followed blogger.Linda has always followed her motto: “Food is life. Good food is good life.” She uses primarily seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits and regional quality meats. Her blog, “A Year at the Table,” offers tantalizing dinner recipes based on short lists of ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. @AYearAtTheTable

A muffin tin filled with cooked Thanksgiving leftovers muffins.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Muffins

Holiday leftovers put to magnificent use! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy are layered in muffin tins to transform your day-after-Thankgiving-clean-out-your-fridge experience. Leftover cranberry sauce on the side optional.