About Jan Moon

Jan Moon

Jan Moon is the owner of Dreamcakes Bakery in Birmingham, AL. She worked in the test kitchens of Southern Living and Cooking Light for over a decade and has collaborated with Southern Living to write two cookbooks, Big Book of Cupcakes and The Southern Pie Book. Moon lives in Homewood, AL, where she works with her son Ben and daughter Katie at Dreamcakes. @dreamcakesbham

A cup of easy caramel sauce on a saucer with a spoon resting on top.

Easy Caramel Sauce

This simple caramel sauce was made for weeknight cravings that desperately demand scooping something sweet by the spoonful.

A partially crimped perfect flaky pie crust in a pie plate with a knife, rolling pin, and bowl of crust scraps beside it.

Perfect Flaky Pie Crust

Quick, easy, flaky, buttery, and basically foolproof. That’s how we like our pie crust. Here’s how to make it.