About Kim Boyce

Kim Bryce

Before opening her bakery, Bakeshop, in Portland, Oregon, in 2011, Kim Boyce took a hiatus from working in restaurants to write the the James Beard award-winning book, Good to the Grain. These days she can be found behind the bakery counter, perfecting her rustic yet elegant pastries. Her biggest tip for would-be bakers? Don’t even dream of overworking those scones. @kimboycebakes

A muffin tin half filled with uncooked carrot muffins.

Carrot Muffins

These little lovelies contain sugar and spice and everything nice–including an oh-so-buttery oat streusel and a batter so enticing you’d never, ever guess it’s good for you.

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Maple Oat Waffles

Maple Oat Waffles

Nutty, hearty, and ever so slightly sweet waffles that do as much for your happiness as they do for your health.

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