About Kim Ima

Kim Ima

Kim Ima is the creator of The Treats Truck, a pioneering food truck on the streets of New York City. She can now be found baking and dreaming up new treats at The Treats Truck Stop, her brick-and-mortar bakery and café in Brooklyn, NY. The Treats Truck Baking Book is her first cookbook. @TheTreatsTruck

Two girls sharing a chocolate cookie decorated with sprinkles.

Chocolate Cookies

Sometimes cookies are so amazing your instinct is to keep ’em all to yourself but you find yourself simply not being able to resist sharing them with loved ones. These are them.

Several ice cream cookie sandwiches stacked on top of each other.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

This isn’t a recipe. It’s a reminder. You know, of summer and laziness and the magic of ice cream sandwiches for dinner.