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Kim Pham and Philip Shen

Kim Pham and Phil Shen are the creators of the popular blog, Behind the Food Carts, which was named Best Culinary Travel Blog by Saveur magazine. They’re also the authors of the cookbook, Food Truck Road Trip. They live in San Jose, CA. @BehindFoodCards and @kimphilmaddy

Two hands holding a paper container of tater tots sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

Parmesan Tater Tots

Frozen tater tots and Parmesan cheese. Seems so intuitive, doesn’t it? And yet it’s so wonderfully unexpected. Easy, kid-friendly, adult-appeasing.

A veggie grilled cheese sandwich sliced in half on a glass platter

Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Make veggies less yawn-inducing by stealthily sneaking them into this good-for-you grilled cheese sammie. Eating your veggies never tasted so sinful.

Cardboard container filled with french fries covered in melted cheese curds


Thankfully for those of us wanting (needing?) to satiate our craving for the obscenely indulgent Canadian classic known as poutine, it’s no longer something that mandates a pilgrimage.