About Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer is the chef and co-owner of Five Points, Cookshop, and Hundred Acres in New York City. Known for his commitment to seasonal, ingredient-driven cuisine, he has earned accolades from Gourmet, Wine Spectator, and the New Yorker. He studied at the University of California at Berkeley before pursuing a career in the kitchen and lives with his wife, Vicki Freeman, and two children, Rolan and Marlon, just around the corner from Five Points. Brunch is Meyer’s first cookbook. @chefmarcmeyer

A jar of orange marmalade with a spoon resting on top and a few orange wedges beside it.

Orange Marmalade

Nothing beats perfectly sweet tart homemade orange marmalade. Tart and sweet and eminently giftable…if, that is, you can bear to part with any. (We can’t!)