About Margaret M. Johnson

Margaret M. Johnson

Margaret Johnson is an Irish-American journalist and cookbook author. She has written about Irish food and drink for Cooking Light, as well as Dublin’s Food and Wine and Irish Echo, among other publications. She has also served as travel editor for House magazine. Johnson is the author of Flavors of Ireland, Tea & Crumpets, and The Irish Heritage Cookbook. @flavorsofirelan

Two English crumpet on a white plate, each topped with a pat of butter.

English Crumpets

Crumpets with butter. How very English. And how very enticing according to everyone who’s tried this authentic homemade version.

A white cake stand with four spirals of pumpernickel bread, salmon mousse, and smoked salmon

Salmon Mousse Pinwheels

Salmon mousse pinwheels are an elegant way to kick off a tea, cocktail party, or dinner. The pinwheels can be made ahead and sliced just before serving.

Molten chocolate cake, a wedge cut from it, with chocolate oozing; whipped cream on top, on a plate

Molten Chocolate Cake

This french molten chocolate cake flows seductive when cut into with a fork. A cinch to make, this molten chocolate cake is an elegant, impressive dessert.

A blue and white tea cup filled with yellow pumpkin-cider soup

Pumpkin-Cider Soup

This pumpkin soup gets a boost from apples and a bite from a cupful of Irish cider. The soup, with its intense pumpkin flavor, makes for great fall fare.