About Mario Batali | Jim Webster

Mario Batali needs no introduction. He’s opened restaurants all over the world and recently launched Eataly, a hub of seasonal, authentic Italian cuisine in New York City. He was named “Outstanding Chef of the Year” by the James Beard foundation, and has received numerous accolades for his cookbooks and contributions to the food world. In 2008, he founded the Mario Batali Foundation, devoted to educating and empowering children. Jim Webster is a newspaper copy editor, writer, blogger, culinary tourist, and amateur caterer. He works at The Washington Post and has worked at the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times. @Mariobatali @jwscoop

A perfect roast chicken in a metal roasting pan that is resting on a kitchen towel, with a bunch of herbs beside it.

Brined Chicken

Brined, salted, chilled, roasted, and pampered, this hen makes weeknight dinner as well as weekend entertaining a feat of ease.