About Mark Peel

Mark Peel is a celebrated Los Angeles-based chef who was mentored by none other than Wolfgang Puck and Alice Waters. Regarded as one of the pioneers of California cuisine, Peel co-founded La Brea Bakery and served as the executive chef and owner of Campanile before moving on to open Bombo. He has also appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef and FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen. New Classic Family Dinners is his first cookbook. @peelmark

Grasshopper pie in a metal pie pan with a cut out slice sitting on a stack of plates in the background.

Grasshopper Pie

Grasshopper pie, the minty ice cream pie, is reworked. This version of the pie is made with homemade ice cream, less creme de menthe, and chocolate crust. You have to love it.

Clams casino, covered with slices of bacon and herbed butter, sit in a large pottery dish filled with rock salt.

Clams Casino

Clams casino, the classic American dish, get a facelift here. The clams get the casino treatment with big shards of bacon, parsley, and garlic.