About Mary Kate Tate | Nate Tate

Nate Tate and Mary Kate Tate are the brother and sister cookbook author team behind Feeding the Dragon. They backpacked thousands of miles through China in search of the best and most traditional dishes and recipes, cooking with families in their homes and following cooks in their restaurant kitchens. Nate was also one of the first Texas college students to study at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, and Mary Kate studied Mandarin and Chinese history at the University of Texas at Austin and at Nanjing Normal University in China. They currently live in New York City, where they continue to pursue their passion for authentic Chinese food. @marykatetate @thenatetate

A white oval plate filled with pot stickers, a pair of chopsticks, and dipping sauce.

Pot Stickers ~ Guotie

What’s that you ask? When’s an appropriate time to serve pot stickers? We honestly can’t think of a time that’s not appropriate.