About Mima Sinclair

Mima Sinclair

Mima Sinclair is a London-based food stylist and recipe writer who, in her own words, “has an extreme passion for all things sugary!” She is the author of Gingerbread Wonderland and Mug Cakes. @mimasinclair

An elaborately decorated gingerbread house

How To Make A Gingerbread House

Knowing how to make a gingerbread house entirely from scratch may not have been on your bucket list, but it’s not nearly as complicated as you would imagine. Here’s how to make the Brothers Grimm proud.

Pieces of light and dark gingerbread, with two people cut out of the dark, and a tree shape cut out of the light gingerbread.

Light and Dark Gingerbread Cookies

Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to indulge our culture of gratification and have exactly what we want, whether that means pale gingerbread cookies that are mild and sweet or darker gingerbread cookies that are stronger and spicier.