About Naomi Duguid

Naomi Duguid

Naomi Duguid is a photographer, writer, world traveler, and cook. She explores home-cooked foods in their cultural context on her blog and conducts an intensive cultural-immersion-through-food course in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She’s also a contributing editor at Saveur magazine and the author of the “Global Pantry” column in Cooking Light. Duguid is the author of Burma: Rivers of Flavor, as well as the co-author with Jeffrey Alford of half a dozen books about food and travel in Asia. @naomiduguid

A metal plate with chunks of cooked turkey, a turkey kebab, and a dish of cucumber salad.

Turkey Kebabs

Easy and exquisitely spiced skewers that take minutes to assemble and toss on the grill. Because you have better things to do than swelter in a hot kitchen slaving over supper.

Burmese Crepes

Burmese Crepes ~ Ah-Boh

Crêpes have got nothing on the crisp, delicate little lovelies known as ah-boh, the famed street food found throughout Burma.