About Nettie Cronish | Pat Crocker

Nettie Cronish | Pat Crocker

Nettie Cronish has been teaching vegetarian cooking classes for the past 20 years and is chair of the Women’s Culinary Network in Toronto. She’s also contributed to Canadian Living and Natural Health, among other outlets. Pat Crocker is a radio host, food writer, and a contributing editor at Herb Companion magazine. Her work has also appeared in the Toronto Sun and Vegetarian Times. Cronish and Crocker are the co-authors of Everyday Flexitarian and Flex Appeal. @nettiecronish @patcrockerco

Pinto Bean, Rice, and Quinoa Wrap

Pinto Bean, Quinoa, and Wild Rice Wrap

A hippy dippy wrap if ever there was one. Slather on avocado and salsa fixings for starters, then ad lib to your heart’s hippiest content.

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