About Nichola Fletcher

Nichola Fletcher has been a writer, consultant, and speaker on all things meat-related for more than 30 years. She’s also the author or co-author of nearly a dozen cookbooks, including her most recent title, The Meat Cookbook. She and her husband John started Britain’s first deer farm in 1973, and Fletcher has devoted her life since then to helping people to appreciate, understand, and cook venison and other game meats. The Fletchers have been nominated for a Slow Food Award and were named Best Food Producer at the 2006 BBC Food & Farming Awards. @nicholafletcher

A glazed ham on a cutting board with several slices cut from the end and a carving fork and knife resting beside it.

Glazed Ham

Plonk this brown sugar glazed ham on your holiday table, step back, and listen to the gasped oohs and aahs, accept all manner of accolades, and watch it disappear.

A pork belly porchetta on a cutting board with four slices carved from the end and a carving fork and knife resting beside the meat.

Pork Belly Porchetta

The infatuation with all things pork belly continues. Here it’s infused with herbs and left to cook low and slow until mind-bendingly tender and flavorful.