About Orr Shtuhl | Elizabeth Graeber

Orr Shtuhl and Elizabeth Graeber

A former speakeasy operator, Orr Shtuhl is a writer and drinker (not always in that order) whose work has appeared on Serious Eats and NPR. He also penned the Beerspotter column in the Washington City Paper for three years. He lives in Brooklyn, NY. Elizabeth Graeber is an artist and illustrator based in Washington D.C. In 2012, the Washington City Paper named her D.C.’s best local illustrator. An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails is their first book together. @elizabeth_draws @beerspotter

Cream being poured from a pitcher into a highball glass for a white Russian cocktail.

White Russian

Happen to have a bottle of Kahlua collecting dust in the back of your liquor cabinet? Mix up one of these. (And, if you’re bored, you could recreate scenes from The Big Lebowski…)