About Rachel de Thample

Rachel de Thample

Rachel de Thample trained as a journalist and also worked in the kitchens of Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal before becoming a food writer.

She currently teaches preserving at River Cottage HQ and a wild food cooking course. She is a contributing editor at both Locavore magazine and the Green Guide. She has previously written two books, Less Meat More Veg (Kyle Books) and Five (Ebury Press). @derachel6407

A white plate topped with linguine and mussels in a red dress

Mussels in a Red Dress

Mussels take a twirl through a classic red pasta sauce and linguine. Most certainly able to inspire laughter, scintillating conversation, perhaps even a twirl on the dance floor afterwards.

Moroccan Mull

Essentially a tart pomegranate tonic that’s similar to mulled wine but, since it lacks booze and is definitely not overly sweet, can be enjoyed without any fear of over-indulgence. We’ll drink to that!