About Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy is originally from London but has lived in Rome for the past 10 years. A former actress, she now works as a teacher and food writer. She’s behind the weekly “Kitchen Sink Tales” column at the UK’s The Guardian, and her work has appeared in The Financial Times, Olive, The Telegraph, and Food & Wine, among other publications. She lives in Testaccio with her Sicilian husband and their young son, Luca. @racheleats

Espresso being poured over gelato in a cup to make affogato.


Drowning gelato in espresso has got to be the most spectacular sort of tragedy ever to take place at the dinner table. Here’s how to add a little drama to your dessert.

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A white oval dish filled with cooked spinach with raisins and pine nuts sprinkled over the top and a spoon resting in the dish.

Spinach with Raisins and Pine Nuts

When prepared simply yet perfectly as here, this classic will leave a lasting effect on guests…not to mention lingering recipe requests.

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