About Shelagh Ryan

Shelagh Ryan grew up in Brisbane, Australia in a family who loved to cook and eat. When she was older, this early love for food inspired her to quit her job and move to London, where she opened Lantana Cafe in 2008. Ryan is also the creator of the popular food blog Scrambling Eggs. Café Kitchen is her first cookbook. @lantanacafe

Kohlrabi Slaw

Kohlrabi Slaw

Kohlrabi, the latest cool crucifer, is a cousin of cabbage, so it’s not like it’s any big deal to turn it into coleslaw. Oh wait, we mean, kohlslaw.

A pot of green watercress soup and a black bowl of soup nearby.

Watercress Soup

“What’s up?” you ask. We actually prefer “What’s sup?” as it more pointedly asks what lovely thing you’ve been supping as of late.

A bowl of homemade dukkah


We can’t stop sprinkling this everyday Egyptian magic over anything and everything. (Seriously. Someone send help.)