About Stefan Gates

Stefan Gates is a UK-based TV presenter and writer. A molecular gastronomy aficionado, he loves experimenting in the kitchen, whether it’s with a new recipe or an explosive food stunt. He’s also the author of half a dozen cookbooks, including his most recent titles, Incredible Edibles and The Extraordinary Cookbook. His first job, not to mention his strangest to date, was appearing naked on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album at the age of four. Gates lives in London with his wife, food photographer Georgia Glynn Smith. @stefan_gates

Several plates with fluorescent glowing Jello molds.

Glow in the Dark Jello

The spirits summoned for this ghostly glow-in-the-dark Jello hail from a bottle, not the supernatural. (It’s just a gin and tonic under a black light. Who knew?!)