About Stephen Bruce

Stephen Bruce

Stephen Bruce is a co-founder of Serendipity 3, a legendary restaurant and boutique in New York known for its decadent desserts, including the iconic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. He’s also the creator of the world’s most expensive dessert, a $25,000 chocolate sundae. Sweet Serendipity is his first cookbook. @serendipity3nyc

A square pan and two plates filled with Mississippi mud cake.

Mississippi Mud Cake

A Southern staple, this ooey, gooey chocolate cake wears a proper topper of melted marshmallowy goodness. Takes us back to the good old days of 50s era cakes.

Cubes of homemade marshmallows on a white surface with a chef's knife lying beside.

Homemade Marshmallows

Once you taste homemade marshmallows, there’s no going back to those bags of white, spongy, chemically, jet-puffed things. Quicker and easier than you think and made from stuff you already have on hand.