About Steve Subera

Steve Subera

Steve Subera attributes his passion for cooking to familial osmosis. As a teenager, he was too busy studying physics and math to spend time in the kitchen with his mother, a home economics teacher. Despite his ambivalence, he discovered that cooking came naturally shortly after college. Steve continued his culinary education by taking classes with current and former professional chefs, including Zoë François and Andrew Zimmern. He has been a Leite’s Culinaria tester since 2006 and participated in David’s Leite’s Food Writing 101 class. Steve writes for his Web site, Braised and Infused, and volunteers for Operation Frontline, a program that helps families with limited incomes learn to cook nutritious meals at home. @SteveSubera

A rolled out vinegar pie crust in a pan with a rolling pin in the background.

Morel and Bacon Quiche

For Mother’s Day, make mom this rich, creamy quiche, filled with bacon, morel mushrooms, and cheese. She’ll love it—especially when you do the dishes.