About Tasia Malakasis

Tasia Malakasis

Tasia Malakasis is a technology executive turned cheesemaker and the owner and cheesemaker of Fromagerie Belle Chevre, an artisan creamerie. Her creativity in the kitchen and at the fromagerie is driven by her passion for food and her philosophy that food should be fun and approachable. Tasia’s Table is her first cookbook. @tasia.malakasis

The goat cheese potato cakes in a cast iron skillet.

Goat Cheese Potato Cakes

Hey, ‘member those mushy mashed potato cakes mom used to make from leftovers? Yeah, well, these are nothing like them.

Honey being poured over slices of breakfast cheese with a stack of plates and a log of breakfast cheese nearby.

Breakfast Cheese

Say good morning to your newest weekday breakfast craze. Who knew cheese, honey, and bread could be sooooo indulgent?