The Art of the Memoir

The Art of Memoir
The Art of the Memoir
by Mary Karr
December 1, 2015

I’ve read Mary Karr, I’ve watched Mary Karr, but I’ve never crowbarred my way into Mary Karr’s brain. How does this woman think? How does she approach writing about the sex and sinew of life? Well, she has done us the favor of inviting all of us inside that marvelous mind of hers. It’s fascinating to find out how she handles the vagaries of memory, family, structure, lies, and the greatest of all topics, and the closest to my heart, which is what she calls “carnality”—the sensuousness of life.

And don’t forget to catch my interview with her on The Splendid Table. We don’t have an airdate yet, but it will be this autumn. It’s sure to be a lively conversation.

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