Giveaway FAQs

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Hey, what the hell happened to the drop-down menu that had all the different giveaway pages? It was so good.
Yeah, we know. But drop-down menus were causing some serious technical problems, so they had to be removed. But if you visit the first page of the giveaways, you’ll find a handy navigation tool that opens each subsequent page so you’re never be more than a click or two away from your favorite giveaway.

Also, a nifty tip: On a PC, if you hold down the SHIFT key and click a giveaway link, it will automatically open the giveaway in a new tab, keeping the original page open alongside It. For Mac users, hold down the COMMAND key while clicking a giveaway. Try it, you’ll like it.

How do I enter the giveaways?
For an official entry, visit the individual page for the giveaway you would like to enter. You’re welcome to enter as many different giveaways as you’d like.  Submit your full name and email address using the online form on the giveaway page. Online entries via the form are the only official entries that will be accepted. Entries submitted to a Leite’s Culinaria email or via snail mail will not be accepted.

How long does each contest run?
Cookbook giveaways run for 3 weeks and the majority of product giveaways run for 8 weeks. Although sometimes when we’re hit by a particularly generous mood, we like to offer us some shorter, surprise giveaways.

Is there a limit to how many times I can enter?
Each giveaway has a specific number of entries. See the official rules of each giveaway to find that number but it’s usually between 1-3 entries.

Do I have to live in the US to enter a giveaway?
Most giveaways are open to residents of the United States and Canada, excluding Quebec. In some instances, due to shipping constraints, the giveaways must be limited to residents of United States only. Please see the official rules of the particular giveaway to see who can enter.

How long do I have to claim my prize after you notify me?
We try to notify winners within 48 hours after the contest ends. After a winner is notified via email, that person has 2 weeks to respond.

After I’ve won a prize, how long do I need to wait before re-entering?
No need to wait if you’ve won a prize. Go ahead and enter again right away!

Where can I see all of your current contests?
Check out our Giveaway Central to view and enter our latest giveaways.

What is the email address used to notify winners?
We contact winners from Be sure to add this address to your contacts because we are disappointed when prizes go unclaimed.

Do people really win your giveaways?
Are you kidding? Absolutely! Take a look at our Previous Winners and Very Happy Winners pages to see a sampling of some of our lucky readers.

Woohoo!  I’m from Canada and I just won a prize.  What should I do next?
In accordance with Canadian law, we’re required to have winners answer a mathematical skills question.  Answer carefully because you only have one chance to answer correctly.

Want to sing about your Leite’s Culinaria giveaway win from the rooftops?  We hope you do. If you’re thrilled about your new cookbook or kitchen product, we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line and let us know. And seeing your prize in its new home makes us very happy. Send us a photo or a video–or just a plain ol’ email–and you may appear on our Very Happy Winners page.

Why are your giveaways so freaking slow? It takes me 3 to 4 minutes to enter JUST ONE, and it then crashes my computer? I’m never coming back!
Several times a week we check the speed of the site using a third-party speed test. While it can take the full page’s code a bit to load, we’ve set it up so that the text, images, ads, and entry forms take but seconds to appear.  Because we have people all over the country entering–and we receive a very low percentage of complaints regarding load times (fewer than .001%)–the cause most likely has something to do with a temporary slow connection in the region you live in or with your ISP, a conflict with new software you may have installed, an upgrade in your browser, etc. But we will continue to monitor the speed and do all we can to make the experience as fast as possible. That’s a promise.

Helpful hint:  It’s much faster to enter our giveaways if you have no more than 3 tabs open in your internet browser at one time. Too many open tabs will slow the loading process.

Where can I find your official rules?
Why, the Official Giveaway Rules are right here.