Images of four winter squash recipes -- grilled squash, two butternut squash and grain salads, and a butternut squash quiche.

10 Winter Squash Recipes

Butternut squash like you’ve never, ever experienced before, in ways both enticing and easy, healthy and even a little indulgent. Say hello to your daily dose of Vitamin A.

Images of four of the 13 meatball recipes, including, chorizo meatballs, Moroccan meatballs, turkey meatballs with angel hair pasta, and meatball subs.

10 Meatball Recipes

There’s more than one way to make meatballs. And no, they’re not all on top of spaghetti or covered with cheese. (Though some certainly are!)

A grid of five weeknight winners, including sliced cinnamon chicken, chickpea soup, bratwurst and sauerkraut, lentil-crusted fish, and seared steak, and a Manny the Milkman logo.

5 Weeknight Winners Recipes

We get it. Like you, we need reliable recipes night after night that come together without a lot of fuss but with the guarantee of being foolproof as heck. These do the trick.

Images of four of our best Halloween recipes, graveyard cupcakes, spiced pumpkin seeds, candy cupcakes, and meringue bones.

10 Halloween Recipes

Unlike many an overwrought and complicated Halloween sweet, these not-so-tricky treats deliver a scare—eek!—only after you make them. Not while you make them.

Images of four kickasserole recipes, including butternut squash gratin, beef pie, cacio e pepe kugel and skillet enchiladas

10 Casserole Recipes

Traumatized by the casseroles of your childhood? These kickasseroles (see what we did there?!) will redeem the notion of one-dish suppers for you.

A grid of four apple pie recipes, including apple tart, two apple pies, and apple hand tarts.

8 Apple Pie Recipes

An assemblage of our most inspired incarnations of sweetly spiced fall apples and buttery, flaky pastry. May the swooning commence. (If we can’t get a little poetic about apple pie, when can we?!)

Four of the 32 sheet pan salvation recipes, including a baked pepperoni pizza, baked bacon, oven ribs, and charred cabbage.

32 Sheet Pan Recipes

You may be astounded when you come to understand ALL that you can accomplish with the classic everyday essential known as the sheet pan.

Four of the 23 quick chicken recipes including chicken tenders, pan-fried chicken, chicken salad, and white bean and chicken chili.

23 Quick Chicken Recipes

When it’s half past when you’d wanted to eat and you’re too exhausted to think, turn to these go-tos that we’d rather not make it through the week without.