A white plate with cavatelli past topped with a roasted tomato sauce, fork on the side

Roasted Tomato Sauce and Pasta

Sugo con pomodorini gratinati alla Calabrese. That's how you say the proper title of this recipe in Italian. Uh. We'll just say "More pasta, please." Because you're definitely to be requesting second helpings.
Casserole dish of acquacotta maremmana, a thick, slow-cooked stew of vegetables, poured over a slice of stale bread with poached eggs on top


Acquacotta. It may become your new favorite word after you take a taste of it. Sorta like shakshuka, it's Italian bread soup from southern Tuscany that's essentially tomatoes, onions, and chiles gilded with poached eggs and a little Parmesan.
A pan lined with parchment paper containing sliced roasted beets, chunks of feta cheese, a dressing, and a spoon

Roasted Beets with Feta

Earthy beets. Salty cheese. There’s something stunning about the contrast between the two. Tasting is believing.
Sheet pan of 2 dozen cannoli filled with sweet ricotta filling and chocolate chips

Classic Cannoli

The classic Italian dessert, made the old fashioned way with crisp pastry shells, sweetened ricotta, and chocolate chips.
Cheesy Fish Crackers

Cheesy Fish Crackers

No preservatives. No artificial coloring. Just real, honest-to-goodness ingredients—and maybe a little goldfish giddiness.
Chocolate tart cut into 12 slices on parchment paper

Chocolate Tart with Pine Nuts

We don't know Italian, but we're pretty certain this tart, with its molten filling and brownie crust, translates to "Damn good!"