An almost empty pot with traces of hot fudge sauce and a wooden spoon resting inside.

Hot Fudge Sauce

Chocolate, cream, sugar, vanilla, and butter. If ever there was a magnificent melding of just a few ingredients, this is it.
Images of four of the 8 leftover chicken recipes -- carrot soup with chicken, Thai-inspired chicken salad, fried rice, and roast chicken soup.

8 Leftover Chicken Recipes

Being frugal doesn't need to equate to being boring. Nooooooo. At least not in terms of using leftover roast chicken Here, our best arguments to support that assertion.
Images of four of the 8 magnificent muffin recipes -- carrot muffins, blueberry pecan muffins, banana bread muffins, mini muffin financiers.

8 Magnificent Muffin Recipes

Because sometimes all you want is a little cake all to yourself. All the better if it has some semblance of healthfulness. These sweet little solutions to your craving are ready and waiting.
A boy opening an arancini with six more cooling on a rack in front of him.


You've not experienced the true magic of leftovers 'til you've had these fried orbs of leftover risotto. Crisp outside. Molten inside. Delish through and through.
A plate of orange-braised tofu with fennel and onion wedges and orange segments on top.

Orange-Braised Tofu

Fennel and juicy orange glam up the nourishing versatility of tofu in this healthy nosh. Happy Meatless Monday.
Images of four of the 11 vanilla recipes -- vanilla bean ice cream, angel food cake, grapefruit and vanilla panna cotta, and homemade vanilla extract.

11 Very Vanilla Recipes

Do you swoon to the intoxicating aroma and unmistakable taste of vanilla? Behold, our most trusted ways to let that vanilla sensation show off. Ice cream. Cake. Panna cotta. Need we go on?
Three orange madeleines in a medeline tin.

Orange Madeleines

Tender, buttery, and enhanced with a subtle citrus lilt. Just as Proust would have wanted. (No madeleine tin? No worries. They're just as lovely when made in a mini-muffin pan.)
Images of four of the 27 low-carb dinner recipes -- roast chicken with pancetta and olives, gung bao chicken, Catalan lamb skewers, and Thai beef salad.

27 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes

Each of these dinners contains fewer carbs than in a single slice of cheese pizza. To be exact, less than 2/3 of the carbs. Yet still delivers loads of satisfaction.
A spoonful of mixed citrus marmalade spilling over onto a grey marble surface.

Mixed Citrus Marmalade

Made with oranges, mandarins, and limes, this lovely fruit jam is essentially citrus on a spoon. Simple to make. Tastes complex as heck.