A baking sheet with 6 spicy baked chicken wings glazed with hot sauce, a jar of sauce nearby

50 Super Bowl Recipes

SLIDESHOW: Recipes to distract you from every imaginable Super Bowl scenario, including missed first downs, rain delays, sucky refs, even disappointingly obtuse commercials.
Two cowboy steaks in a cast-iron skillet with a Guinness sauce.

5 Weeknight Winners Recipes

SLIDESHOW: Healthy recipes that are quick and easy and foolproof and pleasing to everyone at the table. Guaranteed to reduce your frazzle AND amplify your svelte factor.
Two shallow bowls, each with an unmolded panna cotta in caramel, with a spoon resting in the bowl.

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta translates to “cooked cream,” which really doesn’t do justice to this creamy as sin, subtly flavored, lightly sweetened, sublime Italian classic.
Three homemade Larabars

Homemade Larabars

We got nothing against the Larabars we've been noshing for years. Save for the crazy price tag. Here's a less expensive, more customizable alternative.
A sliced Korean steak on a rimmed baking sheet with a knife resting on the sheet and bowls of kimchi and daikon nearby.

Korean Steak

This isn't quite bulgolgi, the classic Korean barbecue. But this little number is salty, sweet, and quite reminiscent of its longer-marinated inspiration.
Chocolate ganache being poured over a chocolate Bundt cake that is on a wire stand

Chocolate Bundt Cake

An homage to the chocolate cakes of yesteryear but with a contemporary dark chocolate oomph that turns tradition upside-down in the most pleasing possible way. You're welcome.
A pile of grilled half-moon slices of butternut squash

15 Butternut Squash Recipes

SLIDESHOW: Butternut squash like you've never, ever experienced before, in ways both enticing and easy, savory and sweet. Say hello to your daily dose of Vitamin A.
Five half-moon pastries, Jamaican beef turnovers, on a stone plate, three bottles of beer

Jamaican Beef Turnovers

Patties. Pasties. Turnovers. Whatever you insist on calling these savory hand pies is of little consequence. It's the taste that talks to us. And oh, do they. With a Jamaican accent, no less.
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