About Gil Marks

Gil Marks is a chef, rabbi, writer, historian, and an all-around expert on Jewish cooking. He has authored five cookbooks, including The World of Jewish Desserts, the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, and the James Beard award-winning Olive Trees and Honey. Marks was also the founding editor of Kosher Gourmet magazine and currently writes for various Jewish and food-related publications.

Indian milk fritters in syrup with a spoon resting on top.

Indian Milk Fritters ~ Gulab Jamun

Have yourself a merry little Diwali or, as we like to think of it, a festival of ridiculous amounts of fried dough marvelousness.

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Doughnut Makers

History of the Jelly Doughnut ~ Sufganiyah

The history of the jelly doughnut, AKA the sufganiyah, goes back to the 15th century. Since then, it’s been dipped, sandwiched, and injected with savory and sweet fillings.