About Bill Telepan

Bill Telepan is the Executive Chef at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Wellness in the Schools (WITS), a non-profit organization dedicated to making school food healthy. He was the chef and owner of Telepan in New York City, until closing it in 2016. Prior to opening Telepan, he trained under Daniel Boulud and Gilber Le Coze and served as executive chef at Gotham Bar & Grill, Ansonia, and Judson Grill.  Telepan wrote the cookbook Inspired by Ingredients. He also serves on the advisory boards of the Institute of Culinary Education, City Harvest, and Wellness in the Schools, for which he is also executive chef. @billtelepan

Thankful butterscotch cake in close-up with a large piece cut out and a slice in the foreground.

Thankful Butterscotch Cake

What’s with the thankfulness, you ask? For starters, this sleek, sophisticated, tender-crumbed cake smothered in butterscotch and stacked to the heavens.