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Acquacotta is a celebration of the traditional cuisine of a lesser known part of Tuscany, the Silver Coast, which forms part of the territory of Maremma. Acquacotta, literally meaning “cooked water”, is Maremma’s most famous dish, a soup made of slowly simmered tomatoes and onions and poached eggs. There are countless variations, and every town has its own.

Casserole dish of acquacotta maremmana, a thick, slow-cooked stew of vegetables, poured over a slice of stale bread with poached eggs on top


Acquacotta. It may become your new favorite word after you take a taste of it. Sorta like shakshuka, it’s Italian bread soup from southern Tuscany that’s essentially tomatoes, onions, and chiles gilded with poached eggs and a little Parmesan.

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A small glass filled with cantaloupe granita and a spoon sticking out of it.

Cantaloupe Granita

Icy. Slushy. Sorbet-y. Creamy. Melony. Everything you imagine a granita could be, you’ll find it here.

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A bowl filled with zucchini risotto and a spoon resting inside.

Zucchini Risotto

Delicate, creamy, comforting, and surprisingly easy to make. In other words, risotto perfection.

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