Talking With My Mouth Full

Talking With My Mouth Full podcast has a new co-host! Amy Traverso, Senior Food Editor at Yankee Magazine and co-host of the TV series “Weekend with Yankee,” joins David at the mic. So tune in.

Welcome to season three!

Season three of our podcast, Talking With My Mouth Full, takes an unexpected—and often irreverent—look at the ways food and drink intersect our lives. In each episode, David Leite and new co-host Amy Traverso, along with their guests, question, laugh, and quibble their way through all manner of culinary conundrums, obsessions, fads, and fancies.

David Leite and Amy Traverso, co-host of season three of the podcast Talking With my Mouth Full

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The podcast is geared to you, the home cook. Everything Amy and David do has one goal: helping you get better–and enjoy yourself more–in the kitchen. In addition, they’ll share their latest food finds, fess up to their cooking and baking failures (full transparency here!), answer listeners’ questions, and more.

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