Recipes from Cinnamon, Spice & Warm Apple Pie

Cinnamon, Spice and Warm Apple Pie

More than 60 delicious recipes for baked fruit desserts from Pies and Cobblers to Crisps and Crumbles.

Pear and Almond Tart

Pear Almond Tart

French. Foolproof. Froufrou. Fuss-free. Fenomenal. (Work with us.) Rarely does elegance come together with such ease (and alliteration) as this tart recipe.

  • 35 M
  • 2 H
  • 21
A round tart filled with cooked sliced apples in a concentric pattern

Apple Tart

If you took a look at this stunning tart and thought, “I can’t possibly do that!” think again. We suspect you can.

  • 50 M
  • 2 H, 10 M
  • 10