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An ultimate collection of simplified & doable classic recipes. Veggie packed, modern food has never looked this good! This book gives you the answer to the common kitchen question: “What’s for Dinner?” Filled with comfort food classics and everyday favorites, simplified meals for the everyday cook, one pot wonders and fast feasts that take less than 15 minutes from kitchen to plate, Everyday Cook is the go-to cookbook for the busy home cook! The key to Everyday Cook is to celebrate everyday classic cooking recipes that your family will love. Complete with meal plans, kitchen tips, and easy hacks, Donal helps make your home kitchen work for you!

A serving plate topped with chicken, bacon, and broccolini, with a small bowl of fresh herbs on the side.

Quick Skillet Chicken with Bacon

Change up your chicken game with this easy skillet meal of pan-fried chicken, bacon, buttery white wine sauce, and broccolini on the side.