Recipes from Supper for a Song

Supper for a Song

Tamasin Day-Lewis’s upbeat, back-to-basics approach celebrates eating well, avoiding waste, and healthy comfort food that is easy on the budget and deliciously satisfying. Supper for a Song is a book for the clever cook in the cost-conscious kitchen. Even when times call for budgeting, we still want to eat well and to eat delicious food. With an eye on eating in, Supper for a Song is more than just a book on culinary economizing. With its upbeat tone and a focus on comfort food that is both healthy and satisfying, this book is really a philosophy of life and cooking—get back to basics, avoid being wasteful, enjoy food, and make the most of the wealth of healthful ingredients available to us. This is comfort food at its best: creamy risottos, robust pasta dishes, and tasty, succulent slow-cooked stews made from inexpensive cuts of meat. There are original ways to extend the Sunday roast to make great soups and weekday suppers. Leftovers are transformed into exotic suppers, zingy salads, and hearty stews. There is even a wonderfully indulgent baking chapter that offers cookies, cakes, and gooey desserts—plus, there are lots of chocolate recipes for that essential comfort factor.

A cast-iron griddle filled with cooked broccolini and a bowl of red paste on the side.

Grilled Broccoli or Broccolini

Don’t care for broccoli? Just toss it on the grill. It’ll take on a beguilingly earthy, smoky quality that’s actually quite hard to resist.