Recipes from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook

Like the best treasured cookbooks of the past, The America’s Test Kitchen Family cookbook offers more than 1,200 kitchen-tested recipes, more than 1,500 4-color photos and much more. Here are some of the special features of this book: *Test Kitchen Tips Illuminate Key Recipe-Specific Facts *Hundreds of Variations Give Cooks Lots of Recipe Choices *Equipment Ratings Point Out Our Favorite Brands and Explain Why *Ingredient Testings Rate All Manner of Supermarket Ingredients So Cooks Can Make the Best Choices *Fast Recipes are Highlighted Throughout the Book *Prep Times and Total Times Make Clear How Long a Recipe Will Take *A Simple Recipe Style Makes the Recipes Easy to Follow *Make Ahead Instructions Make Advance Planning a Snap

A slice of chocolate cream pie with Oreo crust and chocolate curls on a white plate with a fork resting beside it.

Chocolate Cream Pie with Oreo Crust

First you make an Oreo cookie crust. Then you smother it with a bittersweet and semisweet chocolate custard. The final flourish is whipped cream infused with vanilla. Sigh.

A wheel of brie cheese baked pastry, on top is a dollop of apricot preserves

Baked Brie en Croûte

Store-bought puff pastry makes this elegant baked Brie a cinch to pull off. (But that can be our little secret.)

A classic apple pie with one-quarter missing, topped with a scoop of ice cream, and three forks in the empty pie spot.

Classic Apple Pie

The secret to this classic? Could be the two types of apples, one tart and one sweet. Then again, the uber buttery pie crust ain’t bad, either.