Recipes from The Burger

The Burger

The burger is back and better than ever! This fun and festive guide to the beloved burger is packed with inspired versions of old classics and soon-to-be-favorites from every end of the burger spectrum! Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, veggie, and tofu burgers are all represented in this photo-filled guide with easy step-by-step recipes. Featuring special sections for gourmet burgers, burgers around the world, and accompaniments including sauces, relishes, and chutneys, this book is sure to become your go-to guide for the world’s best-loved sandwich.

A stack of four ground turkey sliders plus one resting on its side with lemon wedges on a cutting board.

Ground Turkey Sliders

If ever there was an unabashedly, unapologetically girlie burger, this is it. Still, we’ve seen guys polish them off without complaint.