About Dan Goldberg | Andrea Kuhn | Jody Eddy

Dan Goldberg | Jody Eddy

Dan Goldberg is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in food photography. Andrea Kuhn is a prop stylist and art director whose work can be found in many cookbooks and magazines. Jody Eddy is a professionally trained chef and food writer. Their first book project together is Cuba! @andreakuhnstyle @goldbergphoto @jodyeddy

A large pot of Cuban beans and rice on a makeshift outdoor grill.

Cuban Beans and Rice

Beans and rice is a staple dish in many cultures. But it’s something sorta special in Cuba. Words can’t quite do it justice, actually.

Several shot glasses partially filled with Cuba libre on a silver platter.

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre. Essentially a rum and Coke with a twist of lime. But cocktails are always so much more intoxicating when they come with a fancy-sounding name, don’t you agree?