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If you bought The New Portuguese Table and have question, need some advice about a recipe, or want to share your experiences about cooking from the book, please comment below. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. If you would like to purchase an autographed copy, click here.

Think of it as free online support with purchase.—David


  1. For my husband’s 70th birthday, we took my daughters and their families to Portugal for a week. Before we went, I bought everyone a copy of The New Portuguese Table. The frontispiece to the bread section shows charming fish-shaped breads, but I don’t see any recipe for them. Could you please say a little about what kind of bread they are and how they are formed?

    1. Catherine, what a great birthday. I hope everyone enjoyed the trip. The sardine/fish bread was something I saw while walking down a street in Baixa. They were in the window of a padaria (bread bakery). I don’t have a recipe for it, as they were decoration. So sorry.

  2. Hi David, Just returned from my first trip to Portugal & promptly bought your book. I’m wondering about the ratio of dry to desalted cod. If you have a pound dry, what weight do you have after soaking out the salt?

    Also do you have any suggestions for making Arroz de marisco?

    Thanks for the assistance & advice!

    1. Jean, great question, and I don’t have an exact answer. I did read somewhere that a 12-ounce piece is about a pound when soaked, but that really would depend upon what part of the fish you bought. Thicker, meatier loins will be have a different yield than the thinner parts near the tail, which have more bone and skin proportionally. Most recipes call for a salted-cod measure (ex. 1 pound salted cod) rather than a soaked amount (1 pound desalted salt cod).

      And no advice making for arroz de mariscos than get really fresh seafood and have a great recipe.

  3. Hi…I was just in Porto and bought at the Mercado do Bolhao a pound of black and white beans called “maravilhas.” Have you a recipe for them?

  4. Dear David
    I have your cookbook and love the recipes. Now I am thinking of attempting a bolo rei. Do you have a good recipe to recommend? Thanks! suchin

  5. Hi David,

    So happy i came across your books, i just ordered my copy! David are your books being sold anywhere in Canada or is it just in the US? And why i’m asking is that i have a website well working on it and i would like to add a link to where your books are being sold, so anyone that reads my website and my top 10 recipes well they would know where to buy your book. I can’t wait to get your book and start cooking some typical Acorian cooking. Hope to hear from you sometime!

    Thank you!

    1. Zilda, thank you very much for your kind words. I don’t know any particular bookstores in Canada, but I do know that Canadian Amazon stocks it. Just one note: The book has a goodly number of Azorian recipes, but that’s not the thrust of the book. The book covers all the country.

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